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Problem or Not?

Difficulties Related To Alcohol Or Drug Use

If using drugs or drinking alcohol results in behaviors you later regret and that cause you or someone you care about harm it is time to look at options. People may drink too much or use drugs for many reasons. Sometimes people use alcohol or drugs to relax, to numb physical or emotional pain, to blot out disturbing memories, to try to fit in socially or to avoid doing things. This becomes problematic when drinking or drug use interferes with the person's ability to have healthy fulfilling relationships; attend to the tasks of life including caring for themselves, their children, or people they love; or fulfill their job, school or household responsibilities.

Psychologists who specialize in this area will evaluate the seriousness of the problem and provide options for the person to lessen their reliance on alcohol or drugs. Many people make great positive changes and transform their lives.


If someone you love has been unfaithful you may feel betrayed, angry, disrespected, or confused. If your feelings get in the way of your work and your ability to do everyday things infidelity has become a problem psychotherapy can address.

Psychotherapy can help you sort through your feelings in a neutral setting so you can make thoughtful decisions about your relationship and your future.


Anxiety can motivate us to take action or can leave us emotionally paralyzed and unable to act. If worry, racing thoughts, and fears keep you agitated and afraid to the point you avoid things you would like to do or if you spend lots of time trying to manage your worries without success psychotherapy can help.

Examining the source of your anxiety is often helpful. Sometimes worry is based on a difficult experience from the past. Sometimes anxiety arises and is maintained through recurrent negative thoughts. Psychologists can teach you strategies to reduce your anxiety and teach you to manage your fears and worries.



Depression takes several forms but all involve a sense of sadness that is beyond "the blues". People struggling with depression may isolate from others, feel as though nothing they used to enjoy is interesting; see the future as bleak; not take care of the basics of daily living; have problems concentrating and making decisions; feel irritable; change their eating habits so they either gain or lose weight; sleep too much or too little; and some people may consider suicide.

Psychotherapy helps people who are depressed think more clearly, see options they can't see when they feel so bad, and regain their lost sense of hope. Psychologists can teach you tools to use to combat your depressed mood, they will determine the type of depression present and develop a plan with you to move forward.


Too much stress can make people feel out of control. Stress can result from positive or negative things. Examples of positive stress might be buying a house, having a baby, getting a job promotion, or getting married. Stress can also result from negative events such as illness, loss of a job, or the ending of an important relationship.

In psychotherapy people can learn coping skills to handle stress. There are many things people can do to mitigate stress effects, to anticipate and prepare for stressful situations, and to thrive.

Communication Difficulties

Communication Difficulties

If you often feel misunderstood, ignored or tongue-tied communication problems may restrict your life. Some of the common communication problems psychotherapy can help with include having difficulty saying what you mean and meaning what you say; asking for what you want; saying no and meaning no; clearly saying yes or no so people hear your decision; taking other's comments too personally; and speaking up appropriately.

You can learn through psychotherapy how to communicate assertively. You can learn to communicate your position verbally and non-verbally. You can learn how to communicate in non-destructive ways when emotions run high. You can learn when to listen and when to speak. You can improve how you relate to people at work, at home and in your community.



Changes in mood are normal. When moodiness creates problems in your relationships, your work or school performance or how you feel about yourself it is time to seek help.

While many things contribute to moodiness patterns of destructive behavior during moods should be evaluated. Psychotherapy can help you intervene and not let your moods run your life.

Sleeping Problems

There are many causes of sleeping problems. People may sleep too much or not enough, have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, have nightmares, or not feel rested after sleeping.

Sometimes sleeping problems are part of other difficulties such as anxiety or depression. A psychologist will work with you to determine what your sleep problem is related to, recommend and provide treatment to improve your sleep.

Physical, Sexual Or Emotional Abuse

If you have been abused in the past or are currently in an abusive relationship the effects of abuse can be very problematic. Many people have problems with intimacy and trust in relationships. Some abuse victims don't believe they know what is best for themselves. Some victims shut people out, some let everyone in. The effects of abuse take many forms. But the legacy of abuse can be overcome.

Psychotherapy can help abuse survivors understand the effects of abuse. Survivors can learn to protect themselves, to spot the warning signs of abuse in people they are getting to know, and they can heal.

Time To Heal

Time to heal

Psychotherapy helps with many problems. The difficulties mentioned above are just a sample of concerns people come to psychotherapy to address. If you have other problems or questions please call me and I'll be happy to discuss them with you.

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